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For visionary female entrepreneurs like yourself, who are ready to create an incredible 2.0 life beyond your wildest dreams while positively impacting your health, waistline, bank account, and clients you serve.



My mission as a health and wealth consultant is to help you master every area of life. Your business, health, appearance, leadership, emotions, relationships, mindset, and finances. It all matters and is important. Focusing on one area and ignoring the rest leads to a 1.0 life, lacking stability and fulfillment. But when you strive towards excellence in all categories, you can achieve high performance and live an incredible 2.0 life.

at your service

The problem with most business coaches is that they can market to entrepreneurs but fail to duplicate their success in other sectors for other business owners. Nor will they do the work for you! What makes me different is that I came into the business consulting sector after 15 years of experience building multiple 6 figure products and service-based businesses in health and fitness, all while creating my own sales pages, copy, and graphics! And that's exactly what I do now for my clients... I work inside your business and build the tech and marketing for YOU! NO outsourcing!

My education and credentials:

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology - University of New Brunswick
  • Masters in Counselling Psychotherapy - Yorkville University
  • Functional Medicine Health - IFMHC
  • SEO Certification - Stanford University
  • Creator: 2.0 Neuro-Slim Solution Coaching Program
  • Creator of CBT-Fitness Health Coaching Certification
  • 3-time author on Amazon
  • Co-Owner of reFRAME Your Brand



You focus on deadlines. You take care of others. You worry. You’re exhausted, running on empty. Chances are, you put yourself last. You crave relief, revenue, ease, and vitality. The good news is... these are all within reach.

The Health and Wellness Consultant program is designed for all-in female business owners looking to control their lives by transforming their mind, body, and business. It's the ONLY all-encompassing consulting service established to meet the needs of your business and health by me working FOR your business! It's time to blow the cap off your income and pair it with a body you're proud of!

What You'll



Setting 2.0 business boundaries will give you the ability to clearly communicate expectations with customers and clients so they will respect you and your time. It'll also give you the ability to clearly communicate your business needs and rules to family and friends so they'll respect you and your business. The benefit? Work-life balance on your terms!


Accepting responsibility is crucial for 2.0 success because it helps you work through your mistakes without being weighed down by regret, guilt, or shame. You'll learn to take control of your choices and your own perceived reality. This is crucial because it will help you regulate your personal and professional life properly and prevent you from derailing your mental and physical health.


When you avoid the hard stuff, it creates a cycle of behavior that exacerbates feelings of anxiety and depression, making it much harder to problem solve, cope, and heal. Avoidance is the best short-term strategy to escape conflict, and the best long-term strategy to ensure suffering. You'll learn to lean into SUPPORT, so you can move past 1.0 sabotage and build a life and business you're proud of!


is for you



You're overwhelmed with how to grow your business without sacrificing your health, personal time, relationships, or quality of service.


You want to continually and constantly improve professionally and personally but have difficulty asking for help, trusting others, or knowing what moves should be made next to generate more revenue.


You'd like to see what your business is truly capable of, but refuse to hire another coach that only talks the talk and won't get down and dirty and do the work with you.

WHat you need to run a

2.0 Business!

2.0 Mental Fitness

When you're mentally fit, you're not reactive or triggered. You know how to manage stress and overwhelm effectively, you're resilient in whatever conversation/crisis you're facing, and you can have poise under pressure. When you're 2.0 mentally fit, you bring the full capacity of your brain to every situation.

2.0 Followership

You may already be driving results, but if you push people too hard, those results will eventually decline, and you’ll lose team members/clients. H&W consulting helps you become a great leader/owner because you learn how to inspire respect, admiration, and hard work from those who work for you or hire you.

2.0 Results

Through coaching, you'll learn how your thoughts affect your moods, how those moods affect your behaviors, and how those behaviors ultimately help drive your results professionally and personally. You'll also learn how to set goals and targets of a 2.0 standard! No more short changing your business or your health!


here is what you

1-to-1 Consulting

Each WEEK we'll have our private consulting call. In this session, we'll strategically go through your health and business. We'll focus on solving roadblocks and rewiring unhelpful thoughts and behaviors related to your personal and professional life.

We'll get hyper-focused on your business details for the week so you remain focused and feel confident in making substantial progress.

Concierge Support

Need extra support or accountability? Never again will you have to wait until your appointment or join a "group coaching call" to get help.


To make it long-term in business, you need projections and forecasts for how things will go in the near and distant future. However, forecasting is hard when you need more resources, time, or personnel to gather and analyze the data. That's where I come in.

Sales & Marketing Support

Utilizing my design and copy skills, I'll analyze and help you create custom marketing content, high-converting web pages, and email copy, saving you time and stress. Every week I will be working IN your business for YOU!

We'll also go through financial spreadsheets to make sure you're on target for your annual revenue goals - while cutting costs that are optional.



Think about it this way... would you invest to 10X your return?

The H&W program is a beautiful blend of coaching, consulting, and therapy and will cover business strategy, high performance, health, and money mindset work. Don’t make the same mistakes I did that cost me time, health, and money while building my 7+ figure empire. You deserve a wildly successful business that allows you the time, freedom, and finances to enjoy life! Apply now, and get ready for your whole world to change!





can it get any better?


there's more

much more

bonus included

2.0 NSL

& get

Apply Today

Customized business planner to grow your brand systematically, with results-focused strategies ($2K value)

2.0 NSL Coaching: Functional nutrition and body composition training to create the body that will help you show up confidently in your business

Therapy support to help with burnout, self-sabotage, self-doubt, anxiety, and more.

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so much


The Neuro-Slim Foundations portal on how to build essential weight loss skills



The Neuro-Slim Solutions exclusive coaching program that teaches you everything about creating and maintaining a lean 2.0 body

The business planner - customized to your 2.0 journey


The 2.0 Business Will Planner - Create a will for your business.



only 2 spots

left for consulting!


How many companies do you work with at a time?

Do you offer a gaurantee?

Since you are a therapist, can I use my coverage?

I work with five companies at any given time, because of the work that's involved. I know have what it takes to succeed, and you are one of them! I want you to have a $6 figure plus business and a body you are proud of. So let's get to work on that 2.0 life!

if you fully engage, attend all of the sessions, and do the work I recommend, I guarantee you’ll make back the money you invested. Most clients I work with experience a return on investment (ROI) of between 2x and 10x of their program costs in additional business revenue during the course of the program.

Unfortunately, this program is not covered by insurance for psychotherapy. However, I will accommodate installment options to help suit your budgeting needs.





Jill's helped me go from the red to the black in both my brick-and-mortar businesses. She helped me hire the right staff, cut expenses and launch a revenue-generating marketing campaign. She's also helped me personally with my relationship, weight loss goals, and self-doubt.


Since working with Jill over the last six months, I have tripled my income by booking 30 weddings, hired more artists, built my new website, fine-tuned my onboarding process, and also, get this... lost 45lbs!


Jill's been instrumental in helping me launch a 6 figure online course. It was hard work, but having someone I trusted in my corner when self-sabotage could have easily taken over helped me stay the course and see the results I've envisioned for over 15 years!

Loving what you do is not enough – it's time to make a bigger impact!




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